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the good.

This movie is about a place I love.  Watching it breaks my heart over and over again; I wish that the statistics were an exaggeration, that the claims about education weren’t true but I know that if anything, they are an understatement.  Yet, watching it also makes me smile.  There are stories of hope, of people breaking cycles and defeating their circumstances and so I celebrate with them.

In my 25ish good years, one of the most important things I have learnt is that there is goodness and beauty to be found if only we will open our eyes.  Don’t get me wrong, the mess still makes me cry sometimes but we have to see the good and if we can’t see it then we  find it, we pursue it, we work for it and we celebrate it!

I work in a wee coffee shop in Belfast at the moment and what I love about it is how normal and easy it is to celebrate good things there.  Our baker/chef extraordinaire  makes great stuff but particularly enjoys the smell of her soups, and says so…or if someone makes an especially pretty cappuccino then we all oooh and aaah at it because, you know what, a great cappuccino is a good thing (in my opinion anyway..).  I know this may seem a little trivial when I started talking about poverty and brokenness but I think if we can’t learn to find good in the trivial then how do we find it amidst seemingly hopeless situations?

As you watch this clip, open your eyes to the good stuff…then we can talk about the rest.  And we will.

ps. how lucky am I to be moving to such a beautiful place!


the obligatory starter post.

I’m not totally sure where to begin with one of these things but if I don’t just start, I never will.  I’m pretty new to the world of blogging; I never really considered that anyone might want to read what I’m thinking, doing or learning…but alas, I’ve changed my mind.

What I would love is if this wasn’t just some sort of self-indulgent space where I share my thoughts, or rant or whatever but a place where we chat.  I love talking, listening, thinking, ranting, debating,  learning etc etc but all of these experiences are so much more enriching when done with other people and not just in the confines of my own head.  So, how about it?  Obviously this will be slightly embarrassing if noone does join in, but it’s a risk I’m taking.

Also, please bear with me as I find my blogging voice, it’s going to take me a wee while…

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