i love it when a plan comes together

It is with great pleasure and mild panic that I can announce that my visa arrived on Friday, I booked my flight on Saturday – I am GOING to Cape Town!  What I find funny is how surprised I am that this is actually happening.  When I told folks in Cape Town that I was going home last June, few were convinced that they wouldn’t see me again; when I came home in June, most people knew that it probably wasn’t forever, and yet…here I am, surprised at how this plan has come together.

Anyways, I will be heading over to London around the 10th February (tbc) then my flight leaves Heathrow on the evening of the 14th (anyone planning on taking me out for a romantic dinner should have been a bit more organised hey?).  Once I arrive in Cape Town, I’ll probably take a few days settling in, start flat hunting but will pretty much be jumping in with both feet to Fusion and life at The Warehouse.

As promised, there are a few short films about some of the stuff I’ll be involved with.  This first one is about the Warehouse.  If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch with me or check out their website:


Below is a wee video showing you where Fusion is at right now…and introducing Pete, my team-mate! (NB. he is not the horse)

Pete also has a website with some information on it, feel free to sign up for his newsletters, they make for a challenging but inspiring read:


There’s actually quite a lot of information in this post so I’m going to leave it there but I will write again soon.

He is before all things and IN HIM all things hold together.




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