Monthly Archives: February 2011

jumping in

Aside from being overwhelmingly pastey with still swollen ankles and feet (thank you genetics?), I have arrived in Cape Town and have just completed my first day of work in the Warehouse.  It does sort of feel like I never left, people here make it very easy for you to slip in, not unnoticed or unvalued but to be immediately included in the day to day running and busyness here.  I like it.

Obviously there’s not masses of stories to tell yet but I just wanted to check in and put everyone’s mind at rest.  Right now, it’s a matter of house hunting, sorting out wee annoying bits of admin and spending lots of time catching up with some special people…but I don’t doubt that there will be news soon, it’s clear that Fusion are on the cusp of new and exciting things

Til then…



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