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the kindness…

I didn’t intend to let it get this far before blogging but the last few weeks have been super busy, good, but busy.  I’ve been spending my time getting stuck in at the Warehouse and catching up with old friends whilst trying to find somewhere to live more permanently and a car.  But, enough excuses…I thought what I would do today is give you a quick update on me and then introduce you to the super trooper Fusion team…

The best way I can describe to you what the last three weeks have felt like is feeling the kindness of God on my life.  The time I spent in the Warehouse last year was a time of painful healing and lots of tears…this time, the tears remain (!) but they are tears of joy, of meeting with God and hearing from him and knowing his love for me.  It’s been incredible actually – I am enjoying God, I am remembering my love of prayer, I am being stretched and challenged in my thinking and pushed outside of my places of comfort but I feel so safe, I know God’s kindness.  And the more I become convinced of his kindness, the more I am able to step out, the more faith I have and the greater my desire to worship him with total abandonment.  It’s been pretty special.

Every morning the Warehouse has an hour of prayer before we get into our busyness.  We have spent a lot of time these past few weeks “sitting” in the Psalms and being challenged to sing scripture, to speak it out and to pray it.  Honestly, I’ve found it really difficult, the thought of singing aloud in a room of 30 people is not something that excites me but God is putting songs on my lips (very quietly!!) and I know that He is asking me to step out in this more and not worry what anyone around my might think.


I’m not going to talk much about what we’re up to just yet, I wanted to introduce the people I spend ALL my time with.

Meet Jonno (Jonathan) and Pete

One of the Fusion founders, Jonno co-ordinates our team, he’s a resident in Manenberg, loves God, loves people and is dreaming of starting a midnight prayer walk with Fusion that engages with the community differently than our daytime prayer walks.

Pete, a fellow brit looooves being in Manenberg, loves praying for people, is incredibly enthusiastic about God and is dreaming of an outbreak of the Spirit on the streets of Manenberg and that the Discipleship House would become a “revival hub”.

Also with us at the moment are two interns from Union University, Natasha and Michele – they are wee legends and are slogging away doing work with our girls.

It’s been so great to come back to a team who are passion filled and inspirational.  Like I say, more on what happens day-to-day later but that’s me for now.  Keep praying.  Fusion is moving but we WILL NOT do that without God’s spirit moving with us.


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