My name is Clare and I am a high-risk youth.  Through hearing the stories and walking alongside some of our girls from Fusion, who we describe as high-risk youth, I am broken when I see what a pull drugs or violence or abusive relationships have on their lives and yet I am struck that although the way it plays out is different, I allow myself to continue in destructive patterns, or respond to my circumstances in anger, impatience, jealousy, fear or without compassion.  It’s not that I am comparing myself to these girls; their lives are hard, the injustice that surrounds them is vast but my point is that we are one, we are figuring out life together, making mistakes, celebrating victories and I am humbled.

I was reminded in pray-time at the Warehouse last week of the mocking and abuse of Jesus’ name when he was being crucified.  Sometimes I read that passage and feel so pious that I don’t laugh at God, that my eyes are open to his goodness, that I know his name.  And the thing is, as His disciple, I am trying to know His name better, to chase after His goodness…but when I box Him, or limit what He can do, or turn my back on His goodness…then I am laughing at His name.  Yeah I know, not cool eh?

In other news, I spent a night and two days at a youth camp about an hour outside of Cape Town with one of the churches in the Parish.  I was running (along with some Warehouse folks) a Social Justice workshop.  I have come away so encouraged, not only by our wee group and their desire to partner with God in their pursuit of justice, but at how open these young people are to engage with God and to hear His voice.   It was so much fun to sit with this group and hear what makes their blood boil, what issues of poverty and injustice they wrestle with and to share some of my own inner screeches, (of which there are many!) and work together to direct those toward God.

STILL looking for a place to live but I’ve a few places to look at this week so…let’s hope for the perfect(ish) place!

Pete and Jonno are STILL in the UK (sorry, I know you didn’t necessarily know that but I wanted to roll with the STILL thing!) – they are trying to raise money for the work of Fusion and our plans for a Discipleship House. If you would like more information on this or would like to contribute to our work, holler and I’ll give you the details.

I am enjoying God a lot these days, He is teaching and shaping me and giving me a renewed hunger for His presence…!


May we be a people who don’t look down on the poor or the marginalised and feel pity;

May we be a church that doesn’t decide what God is going to do and then tell him through prayer;

May we be an organisation that fixes our eyes on Jesus and runs towards Him no matter what that looks like, unashamed of our call;

and may I be a disciple that declares His goodness, may my brokenness be healed and may I share with my girls in this journey of reconciliation with our Father.




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  1. Clare, thank you for the prayer at the end of your post. Quite thought provoking and also something we should pray daily. I will continue to pray for your housing, and funding Fusion is raising in the UK. Be well.

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