a day in the life

(maybe sounds a little dull for some but I know the parents will dig this!)

I wake up and enjoy a quick jog in the fresh Cape Town morning air, gazing at the mountain as the sun rises over it and pondering life…then I wake up to my 5th snooze alarm and realise I really should have been up half an hour ago!  The Warehouse kicks off at 8.30am with an hour of community prayer/worship/Jesus time which often overshoots slightly but I usually make it to my desk by 10…latest. Promise.

I thought it might be nice to share with you a little of what my life is starting to look like here…by no means will this be a “regular” day but a combination of some activities thrown together – but you get the idea.

10am – team Fusion check in – this usually involves lots of chatting and prayer, not a bad combo right?  Because we’re in the process of trying to buy/redevelop/learn how to run a Discipleship House, a lot of our time is consumed talking about it and the strategic planning that goes with it – inspiring but quite “desk-heavy”.  The other conversation will be around the high-risk youth that we’re walking with; how the Girls’ group went the day before, what the boys have been talking about, who hasn’t shown up, what do we do when they don’t show up, asking God for the strategy with each person and sharing in the joys, recognising where God is moving, re-energising and spurring one another on to another day of loving our guys and girls.

I can’t really say it enough but I love team Fusion.  These last few weeks have been hard for me and the girls where I am needing to go to God to remove any bitterness or anger that builds in me quite regularly – when the girls don’t show, or lie, or move “backwards” (in my humble opinion – thank you God that you see the bigger picture!) but my team are there, to listen to me rant, to pray, to challenge.  We can’t do this alone…and I don’t mean Fusion specifically…I mean us, people.  When I can’t hear God for the girls, Jonno will, when Jonno can’t see the solution for all the mess, Pete will, when Pete doesn’t have a car, Clare does! Anyway…

11.30am – admin, emails and business.  This is where (on a good day) reports get written, phone calls get followed up and preparations get completed for Girls’ group.  In many ways, the least exciting part of the day but necessary and often the time where the most significant conversations actually happen around what we do…where we try to put on paper what we do and need to figure out why we do what we do…and so on…

1.00pm – Lunch time!  Sometimes we’re really good and eat lunch together, other times people just can’t wait til 1pm…I usually get to enjoy delectable leftovers from one of the girls I live with.  There’s not really much more to say about lunch, it’s lunch.

I’m living with three other girls in a wee house in a suburb called Rondebosch and will be here until mid-June.  They are very kind, very busy but I am so enjoying being around the: the deep chats, the great food, the efforts they go to to recycle, live ethically and look after and love each other.

1.45pm – this is where I start to wonder and hope that the girls will show up – the last few weeks have been full of rejection and disappointment for me.  I am praying that the girls would see the freedom that they are being offered and that they would realise that even showing up is a step in the right direction.

2.00pm – Girls’ group.  After a catch up, we begin.  Currently we are trying to start walking through the bigger picture of the Bible…to see that the story is about God and his never-ending pursuit for those he loves.  This week we are talking about creation – that God breathed life into us and created us to look like him.  These are also times of sharing in struggles, frustrations and victories…pray for us!

3.30pm – back to the office for some reflection and finishing of any admin.  Work technically ends at 4.30pm but Fusion often runs after hours a little…

5.00 – 7.00pm (Wednesday) – Fusion disciplers’ training.  This is where we get together with mentors and ex high risk youths who are ready to start discipling a guy or girl.  During this time we share Fusion’s vision, values and do some teaching/training on how we do discipleship.

Pray that God would guide our steps to new folks to join with us from Manenberg.  We have recently(ish) found a brilliant wee family who are working with us, Dominic and Fatiema – they are such a blessing to us, their joy and passion spurs us on.  Despite the frustrations I have shared, I continue to love coming into work each day, I continue to be convinced that this is exactly where God wants me to be right now, and I continue to have hope…that God who is making my joy complete will make my girls’ joy complete – “Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy, to the only God, our Saviour, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen.”

So that’s my day.



  1. Hi Clare. I just took time out of my sermon prep on the prophets to check my emails, and was really pleased to read your blog. I am learning about the lengths which God went to to get us to listen; some of the prophets had a pretty difficult time of it; some of them even complained to God about the cost on their lives of being his prophet. But the point is that he went to extraordinary lengths to get to us – ultimately in Jesus. I think you guys are an embodiment of that in Manenberg. Keep up the good work, especially when you are being stretched, and see what God will do.

  2. Hi Clare
    Can I just say that the parents dig it. It was good to read what your day is like. I was really impressed that you were going jogging bit I should have known better. I have a clearer idea of how to pray for you in a more informative way. It is also good to know that you have folk there to have big chats with. Keep on touch x

  3. I was worried for a minute that you were being sarcastic and then I thought ” she wouldnt do that on me”. X

  4. Hey Clare, thanks for that visual of what a normal looks like for you. Those morning times with everyone at the Warehouse was so refreshing, like the love and grace of God is renewed every day. Thanks girl! Will be praying!

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