reflecting and moving

In the last few months I’ve allowed myself to journey back over the last four years to when God spoke vision into my heart and placed a call on my life to be in Cape Town.  Many of you know some of the details of my story and how confusing and frustrating it’s been at times but yet I can say with such confidence that God has been with me and He is GOOD.

In the last 7 months, God has been redeeming that story – I think partly because I have a bit more distance from those painful times but I can now see where He was working when I couldn’t see His hands, where I made mistakes I was too proud to acknowledge, and where the enemy jumped into any open space creating confusion, doubt and fear in my already muddled mind.  That’s not to say that there aren’t places that remain a mystery to me…there are definitely a few big clangers, but I am at peace knowing my Father sees way beyond my limited sight.  The place I find myself now is one that I have been dreaming about from when I was (more of) a youngster.  A job where I work with broken young women, a job where I can wear jeans (sorry dad, no trouser suits!) and in a community where I am supported, challenged and allowed to ask difficult questions with people who are wrestling with the same things.

The last couple of months in Fusion have been busy and interesting and difficult for me.

Busy…because we’ve been looking for (and found) a new staff member.  We welcomed Patrick onto our team at the beginning of September.  He’s a guy from Manenberg and brings something totally new to the team; God has really been building and growing our team both in physically and spiritually, I believe.  We are seeing how our skills, gifts and passions can work together and how much unity and agreement is important for the work we do.

The month has also been interesting and difficult because I felt like I had to step back from the girls for a bit and just pray for them.  It’s been hard watching things deteriorate but in the last couple of weeks I have really started to see God’s faithfulness and little glimmers of breakthrough!  Phew.

One such answer to my prayers was a lady friend from Manenberg who has just joined me in meeting with the girls; her story is one that is so similar to the girls we work with but it a real story of hope and change…perhaps one day I’ll ask if I can share it on here…but it’s great to have another female to partner with me.  I’ve also begun to reconnect more officially with my girls – this means starting to encourage them to talk things out, often holding their hands as they take significant steps and celebrating with them over even the smallest victories, of which there have been a couple.  Thank you Jesus!

Fusion is at a place in its life where we feel like we’re on the cusp of something exciting…we won’t leave God alone until we start to see more fruit in the lives of the young people we’re working with!  I believe this next season is one of movement.  It’s time for us to take all of our reflections, learnings and mistakes and move forward.  It’s time for us to move to being in Manenberg the majority of our time.  It’s time for us to grow in size and stature.  Practically speaking, this means becoming more sustainable in terms of support, building capacity within our team, particularly our Manenberg based team and starting to implement some of the dreams that have been brewing.

We are moving towards setting up a residential Discipleship House in Manenberg; various partnerships and plans are under way for that but in the interim, we are hoping to pilot a small-scale version with a few guys that we’ve been working with.  This is a pretty big and bold step for us which really needs to be covered in prayer… the fight for these young men’s lives is not an easy one and the opposition to their transformation is huge.  Please stand with us and pray for unity as a team; that we start to see victories and fruit and that we only do what we see the Father doing.

…if you would like to follow more of Fusion’s journey (and get a slightly different perspective), check out Pete’s blog or check out his last prayer letter …if you’d like to receive his prayer letter, you can email him through the projectcapetown website or let me know and I’ll pass it on…




  1. Thanks for the post. I pray that you will be able to continually open yourself to God, and that your soul would overflow with Joy, and that the overflow of that Joy would bring a blessing to your colleagues and girls.

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