home: part 1

Is home where you live or who you live with? Is it where you feel most comfortable or is it where you feel most loved? Does it challenge you, does it change you? I don’t really know…but what I do know is that I find home with a few significant people here in Cape Town, some in Manenberg where Fusion works, some in other places. Mostly for those back home who have been home to me and continue to be home to me, even when I’m not there…I thought I’d introduce you to some little pieces of South African home.

Meet the Ebdens…

One of the first families I met in Cape Town was this beautiful little family in Manenberg. Fatiema and I became fast and firm friends. She is potentially the most exuberant and running-at-life-with-full-force women I’ve met with deep deep faith in a God who demonstrates love to her every day in small and big ways. We spend at least one afternoon a week together – we wrestle with the realities of life, the joy of pursuing life in its fullness, the heartache of loss and brokenness…but we always laugh, and we usually pray! She is a significant part of the Fusion family and has begun to start leading some of the group sessions with the guys we work with. We’d love to have her on board full-time and are waiting on God to release the resources to do so…there are small cracks appearing, very exciting!

Fatiema is married to Dominique. Like Fatiema, his energy for life and faith is extreme! This man is always ready to dance and laugh, but has an incredibly soft and compassionate heart and yawser this man can pray. Dominique is working for a construction company and is really hoping to be made permanent – please pray-ers, pray for him and the family in this.

Tofiq and Caden are the kiddies of Dominique and Fatiema – sweet little boys who I get the privilege of hanging out with regularly. Tofiq has recently become a Christian and has such a heart to see his extended family know Jesus; Caden has just learnt to walk and can compete with his mum and dad in the amount of chatter he produces!

Please pray for my family, they make my home more homely and they are such wee gems in this community.



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