Proud family


I wanted to share with you all an excerpt from a letter Fusion received in the week. Two of our guys (whose names I have changed) attended a self-esteem workshop and this was the response from the course organisers…

“From our side we deeply appreciated them being with us.  They were fully present and involved, made significant contributions to the experience and are two very remarkable young people.  I wish you could have been present at the end to hear what other participants had to say to them in appreciation.  It was very moving.

I think the highlight of the weekend, for me, was one participant recognising Brandon* as the kind of man seldom found in the community and sorely needed. She expressed herself in such a clear and powerful way and really spoke for the group.  Although very quiet he has a presence and a way of expressing himself that evokes respect and suggests that he has strong leadership qualities.

I think he got particular mention, being the only male in the group, but both he and Natalie* were wonderful ambassadors for the youth in Manenberg – both in helping other participants to have a sense the struggles they’ve faced but also in terms of the hope they gave that change is possible.

 Once again, thank you for supporting them to come and we deeply honour the work you are doing and the impact you are having in young people’s lives.  It is a very tough assignment but SO badly needed and in Natalie and Brandon you have planted seeds that look very promising.  May God continue to strengthen and equip you for the task.”

Cool hey? Love these guys – keep praying for them, both are currently looking for a job.

Don’t forget to check out our website at or drop us a message if you’d like to hear more about Fusion’s work and how to connect with us!




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