my happy place

I wanted to write a follow up blog to my last one (which you can read here).

My perfect discomfort is one of celebration and lament and so recently, my lament has been for where Manenberg finds itself in terms of division amongst its people. However, I felt like it was important to share my more normal perfect discomfort, if you will. Because you see, for me, Manenberg is more often than not, my celebration place.

Manenberg is where my family is (well, minus one or two), Manenberg is where I am safe, where my identity is fought for and where I am supported.  Manenberg is where I see broken young people restored to Jesus, where I see people leave behind lives of drugs and abuse, where I see young people become adults who love their kids, who get permanent jobs and who are learning what it means to support someone from a similar background to them.


Manenberg is where I see community leaders try to wrestle through some of their issues for the good of the community, where I see a heart for prayer stirring, where I see gang leaders smile at the funny praying people and where I get to drive around a toot my horn at “hardened criminals” who burst into smiles because they are desperate to be looked at like a human.

It’s not that I don’t see the brokenness or have places of lament, but more often than not, this is my happy place.

Celebration and lament is not always defined by what we see or what we hear but where God stirs us into and right now, I’m stirred into dreaming for a Manenberg that values itself as much as God does, that is rebuilt physically, spiritually and emotionally and whose reputation is one of life and love.

Because I see it. What do you see?


One comment

  1. You have an uncanny way of putting words to the realities of life in the context of God’s ongoing work in this world Clare, and although we don’t experience the extreme circumstances faced by Mannenberg, our lives are also a fusion of lament and celebration, and our responsibility is to point those around us to love of God and the identity He gives us in Jesus.

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