I listened to a talk the other day on fire.

Something rose up in me that felt good. What was it? Excitement? Joy? The Holy Spirit? Probably a combo hey? But either way, I felt an invitation to hand over a little bit more of my heart to be accessed by Jesus, because as that all-consuming fire burns in me, it’s not burning I experience, but love.  And maybe that love means I have a little more to give, or see, or do.

Since then, what’s been stirring in me is something I haven’t felt in a long while.

In fact, it’s probably something that hasn’t stirred up so much since Fusion’s first prayer week a year ago? But what it’s doing is poking me and exciting me and making me feel like God might just want to speak a little more into some of the promises and words spoken over me as I first moved to Cape Town 5 years ago. Words of community, of being a bridge, of walking in the fullness of my identity, of seeing on both sides and above and words of prayer.

prayerMy heart is filled with excitement for the city of Cape Town to pray.

It might seem really obvious, or naïve, depending on how you see things…but I kinda really believe that if everyone were to be praying for transformation in Cape Town, it might just happen.

I remember the first 24-7 prayer week that I was part of, I didn’t know what to do, didn’t know how I was going to pray for a full hour, didn’t know why I needed to come to one room in a city to do what I managed to do in my bedroom the rest of the time. I didn’t know why it was a good idea to pray for 24 hours a day and to be honest, I didn’t really want to have to go into a stranger’s home in the middle of the night to pray to a God I didn’t know had much to say. But, I was a student, I had some time on my hands…and I was intrigued.

I couldn’t have planned to be blown away by God in that place, I couldn’t have anticipated that that would be the start of a bit of a hectic me and Holy Spirit journey.

During my next 24-7 prayer week, I was praying in the night when I started speaking in tongues. Did I nearly wet myself? Yes. Did I stop praying? Yes. Did the next time I open my mouth to pray, I started speaking in tongues? Yes. Can I explain that moment? Weeellll, no. But I do know that I would have NEVER NEVER asked God for the gift of tongues had he not planted it on my lips! At that point, I didn’t need to be convinced by the power of prayer and so I jumped in (it is worth saying that many, MANY, times since then have I questioned the power, or the point, or the God I’m praying to…but that’s another story!).

I guess there’s actually a lot more to my prayer story that I didn’t realise until I started writing, but maybe I’ll leave this as a to be continued some blog soon…but, back to my (re)new(ed) rumblings.

Cape Town praying.

Fusion have committed to having a 24-7 prayer week every quarter but what is particularly exciting this October is that we will be one of many other communities committing to praying together from 13th-20th October. We are praying to see breakthrough in corruption worldwide and are partnering with Micah Challenge SA to do so. Their “Exposed” Campaign seeks to get corruption on the G20 agenda in April, and to back up that physical move with a spiritual move of prayer vigils all over the world. We are only one part of the picture.

Cape Town are coming together to pray.

24-7 Manenberg

 Are you in Cape Town and want to be involved?
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease join us and let’s shake the heavenlies together. Let’s see integrity-filled leadership and compassion-fuelled economic decisions made. Let’s see accountability and concern for our land. Let’s see people in unity and the beauty of humanity and creation restored.Are you somewhere else in the world and want to

 join in too?

…all things are possible…


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