let’s do this thang…

Since I joined Fusion 3 years ago, we have been talking and dreaming about having a house for our young guys or girls to live in, experience family and find space to figure out who they are. There have been, what have felt like, a million false starts; promises of houses that fell through, rental agreements that were cancelled at the last minute and building options that never materialised…

Today, we are on the cusp of having a home for between three and six young men. This.is.incredibly.exciting… and we are mildly terrified that after all these years of talking and planning, it is actually going to happen. We have just launched a campaign to support my colleagues and family Pete and Sarah Portal as they have actually just bought the house in Manenberg (two houses on one plot), one of which we (Fusion) will rent from them and they will be house parents for our guys. The campaign is to refurbish and fix up the houses – Manenberg is almost always on the bottom of the heap when it comes to government provision, educational upliftment or whatever, and so the idea of giving our guys not just an average home, but a beautiful, honouring family home, is what we’re after.

Please watch the video, check out the campaign page, here, and see if it’s something you’d love to give to. Every penny counts.

For more ways to support Fusion, check out our latest blog here


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