those little moments that change everything

It was Friday of our prayer week, day 5 and I was already more than tired…but, I had made a promise to a little girl (butterfly girl’s little 9-year old sister). I had promised her a sleepover at the Manenberg prayer room. A sleepover shift means very little sleep, getting up in the middle of the night to pray and, with it being a Friday, the general noisy party atmosphere outside. It’s worth saying that this had been one of the more stressful weeks in terms of work and more than once I had questioned my ability and calling to be in Manenberg.


When butterfly girl found her freedom  just over 6 months ago, I felt like God push me to start connecting more intentionally with this little sister butterfly (or perhaps she’s a caterpillar…not to take the metaphor too far!). I wondered if someone had only intervened a few years earlier in butterfly girl’s life, would her path have turned out differently, and so I felt the invitation to jump in to my little butterfly’s life. I suggested this tentatively to the Fusion team and obviously we were all in total agreement that we were to go above and beyond for this little one. What a treat to work with such wise and compassionate superstars.

And so there we were, two firm friends, who are navigating more difficult life circumstances than we should have to deal with, but doing it together with soft hearts and often bleary eyes. We sat cross-legged on the prayer room floor and in my best Afrikaans, we started praying together…I would say “Thank you Jesus for…” and then she would tell Jesus what she was thankful for, “Jesus, I ask that you would…”, and she, “Jesus I ask that you would…” and so we went on. Frankly, it was one of the most beautiful, honest moments of prayer I’ve been part of and then she prayed this lovely prayer,

“Jesus, I thank you that you my sister is in your hands”

Aside from trying not to snot all over the floor, I asked her if she’d like to try to paint that picture of her sister in God’s hands. She said she couldn’t draw hands but someone had already drawn some on the prayer wall and so I pointed them out to her and left her alone for a couple of minutes with this beautiful promise from The Father and some paints. When I came back and saw her picture, I could not believe my eyes, she had painted God’s hands with a pink butterfly inside them. A butterfly! A freakin’ butterfly! I told her what a brilliant painting it was, knowing that she had no idea of the significance of what she had painted, but that I couldn’t wait to tell her this story one day.


That morning I had the 4am slot and reflected on what had happened earlier in the evening. I was blown away by God’s kindness to me, that amidst my stress and exhaustion, he was continuing to speak, to encourage me, to remind me that I’m on this path for a reason and that more than ever, he is fighting for the freedom of his girls.

Please pray for this little one, life is not easy, not without its trauma and she continues to wrestle very honestly with her grief. Pray for wisdom for me and the team at Fusion for how we love her day-to-day and that God would start to show us more of what life in its fullness looks like for this little butterfly here on earth.



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  1. Hi Claire, I have just had an opportunity to read this, its a wonderful example of the way God lets us know He knows. When He has done that for me it makes a huge impact. May you know His strength as you support this little girl and may you know His compassion as you deal with your loss of her sister.

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