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This page is so out of date, I thought it was time for a little update. Rewind 9 years and I moved to Cape Town. Since then I’ve lived in 10 different homes in 7 different suburbs, I’ve gotten married to a nice South African chap, had a wee boy and hubby and I now live in Manenberg, Cape Town.


I’m part-time Tree of Life, full-time mum and Lloyd, the hubby, is full-time dad, self employed architect, who dabbles in teaching and graphic design.

We are part of Tree of Life*, Manenberg – a family of families who is figuring out what it means to live together and demonstrate the love of Jesus through family. Life includes things like gathering together, being in each others’ homes and running a few ministries to meet some of the needs we’ve felt God poke us towards. Life is messy, complicated and often ugly, but also real, inspiring, beautiful and full of Jesus.

*Long story short: Tree of Life began life as Fusion, and soon became a church to those we couldn’t plug into church, then we got scared of that, then we weren’t scared anymore and embraced being church, but changed our name to Tree of Life to mark this new confidence and identity. We tend to call ourselves family rather than church, but our heart is to be a beautiful expression of what we believe God has chosen to partner with for the redemption of the world, the Church.

I thought I’d leave the original here just for funsies and because while SO much has changed, a lot of it hasn’t, my heart still longs to find Jesus in every eye I look into and to love. 

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. It’s also the most complicated. Its history is so complex, and its people so diverse that getting your head and heart round it is an extremely difficult task but once you start, it’s hard to let it go.  A few years ago when I was in Cape Town, God reminded me that the beauty that is  displayed in the landscape of the city was not constrained to the physical but that each person who lives there bears His image and there is nothing more beautiful than that.  I believe He invited me on a journey to pursue this beauty, to find Jesus in every eye I look into and to love.  I’m not done with this journey yet…

what exactly will I be doing?

Good question.  Towards the end of my latest stay in Cape Town, I spent some time with the Warehouse community, a wonderful group of people who love God and want to love their neighbours with everything that they’ve got.

The Warehouse was set up by a parish of churches in the Southern suburbs of Cape Town; this is their base but their work stretches far across the Western Cape and often into the rest of South Africa.  Their vision is to serve the church in its response to poverty and injustice.  The outworking of this looks different with each programme that they run but the heart is the same.

If you would like to find out more about The Warehouse or donate to their work, visit their website or contact me:

The programme I am joining with is Fusion.  Currently they work in Manenberg, a very broken community where gangsterism, drug and alcohol abuse and domestic violence dominate.  But, motivated by their hope in Jesus they know that there is more, there is better for the young people they work with.  They pray, they walk, they meet and they befriend young guys and girls between the ages of 16-24 who are at “high-risk” of causing damage to themselves and others, and usually already are.  Fusion provides community for these young people who have been rejected and abandoned by society and a refuge where they will be loved, forgiven and hopefully shown that they have a loving Father who wants to be with them.




  1. Wow, Clare…it’s so funny, or ironic…or the Universe/God at play, but minutes before finding you & your blog, (through a share by my sister-in-law Heidi Segal), I was glued – by concentration and tears(!) – to the 5-part series of “Killers Come Home” [as well as another documentary on Manenberg!]
    How I even got there, is only (and clearly!) indicative of the link-looping CyberCycling so seamlessly induces! 😀

    But, from there to itisnolongeri, I just wanted to connect and say “Yay to you for your stunning commitment!” and thank you….for indeed ‘Fortune favours the brave’!!

    Have a superb week!


    Liesl 🙂

  2. Hey Clare,

    It was about a girl (I think ex-gang member) who was making a documentary on her hometown and upbringing. She ends up winning an art scholarship, & really flourishes. I don’t remember what it’s called or even what her name is….I was just so taken by the assault on the senses – the ‘hood & the accent, and just feeling so much simultaneous heartache and love for her and all others-of-circumstance.

    Hope some of these key words will help in your Google search!

    I’ll see what I can find, & if I do find it, will send you the link 🙂


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